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I purchased my first camera, an Argus C3 Match-Matic, at a pawn shop in Reno, Nevada many years ago. I took my first roll of film on a day trip to Lake Tahoe to ski. When I got the roll back from processing I was hooked. I could relive what I saw and show the beauty of Tahoe to people that had never seen it. It was like magic to me. I have used many cameras since and found out the Argus was clunky and not very capable, but it started me on a voyage that has proved wonderful.

I also love to travel and one passion seems to feed the other. I have found that I see things that I never saw before as I travel because I now look at things in more detail and see the beauty.

I live in Fairfax, Virginia with my wife and travel all over the United States. Virginia is a beautiful state with a lot of history and provides an amazing amount of photo opportunities. I hope you like what you see here as much as I liked recording the images.